7 Tips & Tricks Every Android User Needs to Know


Are you new to Android OS or want to more comfortable with Android platform? If yes, then you are landed at the perfect page. Here in this post, we are going to discuss on such tips and tricks which are very useful if you are using an android device. Most of our tricks applicable to different Android devices, but all our tricks may not suit to all devices. So let’s started with more details on our tips and tricks which will help you to understand and run android devices seamlessly.

  1. Disable Notifications for any Application
    Many times you may feel irritation due to unwanted notifications from any app on your device. These notifications are not only annoying but also drain the battery quickly. So what is the solution for that? I mean how you can stop that unwanted notification? The answer is pretty simple! Just press and hold on for a long time on that notification. After a few seconds, you will see a message box appear on your screen. Just tap on the App info and uptick the show notification message box there that’s all. This is a simple step but very important to know every android user.
  2. Mobile data disable
    Many people usually stay connected even they are not using the internet. You should turn it off because mobile data on always drain the battery and puts extra load on the battery. So try to on it when you required. Save data and power for your mobile by disabling the mobile data. Disable the mobile is quite simple. For this, you have to go to the mobile settings option and visit the data usage section. There you will find the mobile data toggling bar just set it from on to off.
  3. Disable auto update feature for applications
    The automatic app update is another annoying thing many androids users face. Now the question is how you can avoid it? It’s straightforward first of all you have to go to the Play store and visit the setting section. There you will see the auto update apps tap on it and choose the do not auto-update apps. If later on, you want to update any app visit my all apps section and select that particular application and update that application.
  4. Get the best user experience from android customization potential
    Android OS is famous for its user-friendly features. If you are new to android, then remember you can easily customize your home screen with various widgets and make your home screen attractive along with necessary application shortcuts. You can add Google search bar, weather info widgets, date time and much more on your home screen. All these customization’s are very easy, and you can easily arrange these things.
  5. Turn off auto correction
    This is a common problem most of the users face which is English dictionary mode auto-correction. Auto-correction comes typically into action when you text any message. Auto-correction is very much annoying and sometimes suggests the wrong word choice. Many people don’t know how to disable this auto-correction mode. You can simply off it by visiting the settings-language & input. There you will get the auto-correction section just off it.
  6. Use Multiple Google account
    No doubt you need an active Google account to use an Android device, but most of the people have no idea that they can easily run more than one account on their Android device. If you are one of them, who has several Google account, then no need worry you can easily add those on your android device. To add multiple Google account, you have to go to the settings section and tap on the add account. Just select the Google and setup accordingly by giving your Google account details.
  7. Check for android system update
    Android system update is always essential for an android user. If you want to use the upgraded version of Android having better feature and user interface, then you have to update your android system when the brand release the update file for the new Android experience for your device. Now the question is how you can check whether your device is ready for the update. To know you need to go to the settings section then tap on the about phone or tab option. There you will find the system update option click on that to know the update is available for your device or not. If available then update it to experience the newer version of Android.


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