How to Capture Whole Webpage in One Click Using Android


Taking a screenshot from your android phone is a simple and pretty straightforward process. It is a basic functionality of every android smartphone to save active screen and demonstrate how to do something. Screenshot save us time and efforts by exporting various online resources into a single image without typing the information by ourselves.

Simply press the Volume Up (or Down) and power button at the same time and your phone will take screenshot instantly, also save it in your phone internal memory.

Now you have basic information on how to take a simple screenshot on your android phone. But what if you want to do more interesting stuff with your screenshot. For example, taking a screenshot of the whole web page or long conversation in your feed without stitch multiple screenshots together.

A typing screenshot only shows what appear on the active display of your device. But scrolling screenshot capture and display whole web page.

There are so many reasons people want to capture the whole web page on their android device. Such as some people may want to share interesting information with their friends, prepare an image for specific site reviews or grab the whole web page so that they can read it later without an internet connection.

Well, now it’s possible to take scrolling screenshot on every android smartphones. There are so many android devices such as LG, Samsung and Huawei have a built-in option to capture whole web page.

In this article, we will break down a detailed guide on how to capture the whole web page in one click using android.

Scroll Capture On Samsung Galaxy Smartphone
Samsung Galaxy series smartphone comes with a built-in feature called Scroll Capture lets you capture the whole web page in just one click. If you are Samsung Galaxy series users then you need to take multiple screenshots. Simply use scroll capture feature to take a single screenshot of the entire page and share it in one go.

Follow these steps to activate scroll capture feature on Samsung Galaxy phones.

First, open the settings app on your smartphone.
Go to advanced settings and enable the smart capture option.
Now open the screen you want to capture the whole page.
Take a screenshot as you always do.
Once you take the normal screenshot, scroll capture option will automatically appear.
Simply hold and tap on the scroll capture option available at the bottom of the screen and scroll down the page until you are done.
Long screenshot will automatically be saved on your phone internal memory.

Scrollshots On Huawei Smartphone
In Huawei smartphones, you don’t need to do extra settings before taking scrolling screenshots. Here’s how to do it.

Open the screen that you want to capture the whole page.
Hold the power and volume down button at the same time.
Animation will appear after several seconds lettings you know that you have successfully captured the screenshot.
After the animation disappears simply tap on the scroll shot option.
Your phone automatically being scroll down and it will add to the original screenshot.
It will continue to scroll down until you tap on the stop button.
That’s it screenshot has been captured and from here you can also edit, delete and share with your friends.

Extended Capture On LG Smartphone
LG smartphones also come with an extended capture feature to capture scrolling screenshot of the entire web page. Here is what you need to do.

Open the web page or locate the screen that you want to capture the entire screen.
Pull down the notification bar and tap on the Capture+ option.
You will be returned to the web page and there is an option available called extended at the lower right corner, Simply tap on it.
Screen capturing process will be started and after you capture everything you want, tap on the stop button.
Don’t forget to save the screenshot by tap on the tick icon at the top left corner.

Capture Whole Page On Any Android Device
As we know not every smartphone comes with built-in scrolling screenshot feature. And of course not everyone wants to replace their smartphone with high-end Samsung galaxy, Huawei or LG phone to just take scrolling screenshots.

Well if you android smartphone doesn’t support the long screenshot feature you don’t need to worry. Actually, there are various apps available in the google play store that can capture whole web page scrolling screenshots. Here are a few apps that you can use to do the same.

Longshot is a free android screen capture tool that allows you to capture whole web page in one click. For web pages, you simply need to enter the URL in-app and select the start and end point for your screenshot. The flawless result makes this app perfect for capturing long conversations, news feed and articles.

But if you want to capture something other than websites pages you need to provide the appear on top of other apps permission.

The best part of this application is available completely free and that doesn’t add any watermark in the final result. App also comes with some ads but you can permanently remove then by paying a small number of fees.

Setting it up and capturing pages is very easy. Simply follow the given steps.

First, download and install the LongShot app from google play store.
Open the app and grant the permission to appear on top of other apps.
Toggle on the auto capture option and it will automatically capture screen as you scroll.
Tap on the capture screenshot and floating start button will automatically appear.
Now go to screen you want to capture and click on start button.
Scroll down and stop the process when you are done.
Screenshot will be saved in the Long Shot folder.



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