How to check your iPhone’s warranty and repair coverage.


There are a lot of things that Apple boasts about when it comes to its products and services. While some are exaggerated and some are really the company’s strong points – especially compared to competition. An area where Apple stands out an is ahead of others is customer service. It’s organised, the company is accessible even though it might not offer cheap solutions! Every time you purchase an Apple product it comes with an automatic one-year warranty. Remember that it’s just restricted to hardware and repair coverage but doesn’t include accidental damage like screen crack or water damage.
Even though hardware failures in Apple products aren’t that common, here we tell you how to check your Apple device’s warranty status. A good thing about Apple is that you don’t need to make those annoying calls on automated IVR numbers or chat with bots. Simply follow the below-mentioned steps and get to know if your Apple product is still under warranty or not:

Step 1: Go to Apple’s “ Check Coverage” page on the company website.

Step 2: Once you land on the page all you need to do is enter the device’s serial number. If you don’t know the serial number, Apple tells you how to find it on the device
Step 3: Enter the security or captcha code
Step 4: After entering the code and serial number, you’ll come to a page where Apple tells you about the device’s warranty details.

Step 5: Here you will see three points: a) Valid Purchase Date, which tells you that Apple has a purchase date of your device on record; b) Telephone Technical Support: Apple gives all consumers 90 days of telephone support. If you don’t fall in the 90-day period you will see that it has “Expired”; and finally, c) Repairs and Service Coverage: if your Apple device is out of warranty, you will again see “Expired” against Repairs and Service Coverage.

So, just follow these steps and check if your iPhone, iPad or any other Apple device is still under warranty or not.


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