How to Stop Android Apps From Accessing Your Location


Whenever you install an app from Google Play Store, you will see a list of permission that is required to run app on your Android device. But the problem is 90% of Android users allow permission without reading this. If you concerned about your privacy then you must need to know about which apps can track of your information.

If you are tired of being tracked by your apps, then don’t worry. Today in this article we are going to share an ultimate guide to stop android apps from accessing your device location.

There are two ways to stop apps from accessing your location: either by using the third party permission control app or using Android built-in permission settings.

Android Pie (9.0) – For All Application
If you are using Android Pie then some settings have changed and you need to maintain the location information differently then other android versions.

In Android Pie, the Mode option has been removed and you can see new location accuracy option will added and is now a main on/off option for location.

Android Pie (9.0) – For Individual Applications
If you want to turn on/off location for individual apps then simply head over to your main settings menu and tap on the permission tab.

Go to the location and here you can see a list of apps are currently accessing your location. Now toggle on and off for each app to allow or deny to access your location data.

Android Marshmallow (6.0) & Up – For All Applications
For Android Marshmallow to Oreo version of devices open the app drawer and launch the settings app. Scroll down and tap on the location settings option.

Inside location, you can toggle switch on/off to activate or deactivate according to your requirements. Make sure by turning off this option it will automatically disable location permission for every installed app on your android device.

If you want to use GPS for apps like Google Maps then manually you need to turn on the above option.

You can also change the Location Mode to customize things easily such as:

High Accuracy: Use GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or mobile networks to determine location.
Battery Saving: Use Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or mobile networks but not GPS
Device Only: This option uses only GPS to determine location, not Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or mobile networks.

Android Marshmallow (6.0) & Up – For Individual Applications
Open the app drawer and launch the settings app. Scroll down and go to Apps > Configure apps or App settings and click on the App permissions option.

Here you will see a list of permissions such as camera, contacts, location, etc. Simply click on the location permission and select which apps you want to have permission to access your device location.

Other Android Version – For All Applications
Just like above steps open Settings and go to More > Permission > Location and a toggle switch on/off to allow or restrict the location services.

You can also use mode feature to customize your location options according to your requirements.


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