Top 10 + Android Tips to Make Your Phone More Useful


Think of you your Android device like a desktop computer. As it fills it up with photos, videos, apps, files, etc, the performance of your Android device will start to diminish.

Like a computer, you also need to take care of your smartphone by taking some important steps such as offload large files, back it up, remove unused apps and reboot it occasionally.

If your phone starts freezing, apps don’t load as quickly or is always crashing. Fear not, We are going to show some easy tips which will help you to boost and improve your android phone.

  1. Update Your Android OS
    If you haven’t updated your Android smartphone to the latest version then it’s time to update now. Updating your Android OS not only access to the newest features but also to the higher performance features, security patches and much more.

The main purpose of updating operating system is getting rid of bugs and increase the stability of your device. The OS update process is a bit different depending on your device, operating system and carrier but most of the time it should be very easy.

2.Uninstall, Delete Unwanted Apps
You better know the fact that you don’t use all installed app regularly but still you keep those unused or heavy apps in your android device.

Do you know keeping unwanted, unused or heavy apps will slow down your android smartphone. Every app you download and install in your phone take storage and occupy size on memory keeping the CPU resources. So keep only those apps that you need, If you find any app that isn’t really useful simply uninstall or disable it.

3.Prevent Android Apps From Auto Syncing
Most of Android apps are comes with the background auto syncing features. The sync is a good feature that allows to synchronizes your data with Google server. But it also drains your phone battery life and slows down your system performance.

So it’s better to turn off the auto sync and auto-downloading feature in apps like Whatsapp, Telegram, Gmail etc. When a new image or other media file get downloaded into your phone, application becomes heavy and consume more RAM.

You can keep sync disable for unrequired service from settings and turn off the Sync option.

4.Clear Cached Data Regularly
Almost every android apps on your android device constantly caching a small piece of data. And cached data also get stored temporarily on your system storage. This data will helps you to speed the application performance. But if your device is running on low storage then it’s good to keep things clean.

Here’s how to clean cached data and start from fresh.

First, open the Settings app on your android phone and tap on Storage option.
Here you can so many options, simply click on Cached data.
A popup screen will be open with message Clear cached data and click on Ok button.

5.Turn Off Animations
What is Animation? Animation makes all of the transitions with operating system appear more fluid. Well if you haven’t noticed your smartphone screen fades in and out as your switch from one screen to the another. If you don’t like those animation or aren’t flowing well then you can also turn it off to look better and speed up performance.

To turn off animation follow these steps:

First, open Settings app and click on Developer options.
If developer option not available then click on About phone option.
Now tap on Build number 7 times and you will see a notification that you have enabled developer option.
Back to settings and click on Developer option.
Scroll down and tap on Windows animations scale option and turn it off.
Repeat above step for Animator duration scale and Transition animation scale.
Once you turn off all animations the screen just snaps to position without any animation.

6.Avoid Live Wallpapers
You must be loving the Android live wallpaper feature because it looks so cool and beautiful. Nowadays every phone comes with different live wallpaper features and it seems fun and amazing but live wallpaper needs more CPU cycle to runs, thus draining the battery faster and eats your RAM.

If you want to boost your android device performance try to avoid using live wallpaper and enjoy other features smoothly.

7.Remove or Reduce Widgets
Widgets are not apps, It’s an amazing feature of Android OS that allows interacting with apps on your home screen without launching the app.

Widgets only run when you activate them and the best part is widgets are not always running in the background but they are active all the time.

Keep in mind too many widget running on the home screen will cause your device performance to slow down. To remove widgets, Simply navigate and long press on the widget you want to remove. Drag the widget to delete icon and release it. Always try to keep your home screen clean.

8.Turn Off GPS
If your android device GPS option is constantly turn on then it does not only affect the battery life but also slow down your system performance. You can turn off GPS option inside settings app or if you are using latest android version then simply disable it from swipe down menu.

9.Reboot Your Smartphone
The fastest and very effective way to speed up your android smartphone is reboot. By restarting your device regularly helps to clear the cache and also close running or frozen applications.

10.Bonus Tip
This method only works for Android version above 5.x.

File Go app from Google works without much effort and time, simply download and install app from google play store and run each of its functions.

This app automatically free space for you, to enable this open File Go and click on Get Started option under Find unused app. Depending on your system this app could take a while though.


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