Top Secret Codes for Android Smartphone


Did you know that android phone equipped with secret codes that help to unlock different hidden features? Secret codes also known as “backdoors” and usually begin with a hashtag/pound symbol or asterisk.

Since the secret codes are just for the android system they don’t require you to be connected to the internet to use them. The smartphone manufacturer doesn’t provide a common option to use them for normal users. Because they don’t want to confuse normal users with lots of options. But if you want to explore some android world this hidden codes easily accessible via dialer codes

Here I’m going to show you the list of some useful secret codes that let you do almost everything you can imagine regarding your android smartphone diagnostics.

List Of Secret Codes For Android
These codes are mostly universal it means should work on any android device that doesn’t matter the smartphone manufacturer.

  1. Discover IMEI Number: *#06#
    Type *#06# into your phone’s dialer and then press the green call button to access IMEI number of your device. The IMEI number is a unique code for your android smartphone that helps to find stolen devices or help with customer support.
  2. Field Mode: 3001#12345#
    To access field mode type 3001#12345# into phone dialer and then press the green call button to prompt field mode. Field mode gives information about cell towers like service call info, neighbor measurement, PDP content info, etc.
  3. General Test Mode: #0#
    The general test mode prompts a library of different type of phone operations such as sleep, vibration, silent, front camera, etc. You can easily operate this operation with a single push.
  4. Call Forwarding: *#67#
    This secret code allows you to check which number your smartphone is forwarding calls to when you reject a call or busy. On android you can also manually change this number by going to Settings > Call > More Settings and Call forwarding.
  5. More Info on Call Forwarding: *#61#
    If you are looking for more detailed information about call forwarding like how long until a call is forwarded to the message center.
  6. Turn off Your Smartphone: ##7594##
    To turn off smartphone without pressing power button then simply dial this code from phone dialer.
  7. Check Available Minute: *646#
    If you are a postpaid user then this code is especially for you. By dialing this code it sends a new text message instead of showing the info on a screen.
  8. Display Device Information: ##4636##
    This android secret code display a general information about your smartphones such as battery uses, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and much more.
  9. Hide Phone From Caller ID: #31#
    By dialing this code prompted a pop up with a message like my caller ID has been disabled. If you want to reinstate called id then dial *31#.
  10. Activate Call Waiting: *43#
    This code will activate a call waiting until you deactivate it. To deactivate call waiting simply dial #43#.
  11. Do Factory Restore: ##7780##
    Once you dial this code it will automatically perform a factory restore on your smartphone like erase all apps, documents and general information.
  12. Delete Everything From Device: 27673855#
    If you want to delete everything from your device automatically then dial this code and it will erase everything including the firmware.
  13. Test the GPS: ##1472365##
    By dialing this code it will test your device GPS system and also give you a detailed result.
  14. Backup Photos and Videos: ##273283255663282##*
    Quickly backup all photos and videos on your android smartphone with the help of this secret code.
  15. Access Email Information: ##36245##
    Display a debug information about your registered email id. Make sure email id is logged in your device.
  16. Access Camera Information: ##34971539##
    This code will give you general information about the camera. You just need to dial this code and it will show a prompted result.
  17. Touch Screen Test: ##0842##
    Note: If you don’t have advance knowledge about the android system then don’t try this code.

By entering this code it will automatically start a touch screen test, once complete it will show the detailed result.Software and Hardware Information: #12580369#
Get some general information about the software and hardware of your android smartphone.

Version of RAM Memory: ##3264##
Check more information about your device RAM and much more.

18.Enter Test Mode: ##197328640##
Note: If you don’t have good knowledge about how android operating system works then don’t perform this secret code.

19. Battery Information: *#0228# (Not working for all smartphone)
Check more information about your smartphone battery.

20.Factory Key String: *#7284#
Note: Don’t try this code if you don’t have proper knowledge.

Dial this code to access your device factory key string.

  1. Camera Firmware: *#34971539#
    Check camera firmware information using this code.
  2. Check for Update: ##2432546##
    This code helps you to check new version update is available or not without opening the settings.
  3. Access Google Talk Monitoring Service: ##8255##
    If you think Google is spying on you then you can access their talk monitoring service to check whether it’s spying on you or not.
  4. Access Encryption Information: *#32489#
    This code provides complete information about encryption and how it works.
  5. See Diagnostics Settings: *#9090#
    By dialing this code your device will be automatically entering into testing mode. To see diagnostics settings of your device simply dial *#9090#
  6. Access Service Mode: ##32489#*#
    With the help of this code you can access the service mode. You can also run various tasks and change the settings of your device once you are in the service mode.
  7. Check FTA Software: ##1111##
    If you are interested in learning of FTA software and what type of software your smartphone is using then type this code.
  8. Reinstall Firmware: 27673855#
    Open phone dialer and type 27673855# to reinstall your smartphone firmware. You can also reinstall smartphone firmware using third party software.

These are some of the most hidden and useful secret codes for android devices to explore. Try them on your android smartphone (use appropriate caution as advised above) and don’t forget to let us know of your experience in the comment section below.


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