Trick to use your Android Mobile device as a Wireless mouse and keyboard


Setting up the RemoteDroid server on your PC :-

RemoteDroid turns your phone into a wireless keyboard and mouse with touchpad, using your own wireless network. It’s an application for phones and tablets running Google’s Android operating system.

Step 1:>>

Download the server application from———-

Step 2:>>

Extract the files from RemoteDr idServer to a folder and double-click on the file,RemoteDroidServer.jar. This will launch the server software. Since it’s a java app, it will run on Windows, OS X, and Linux. Make a note of the IP address that the app lists.

Step 3:>>

Make a note of the IP address mentioned in the RemoteDroid software.

Setting up the RemoteDroid server on your Android Mobile :-

Click below to download the RemoteDroid app from the Google Play Store. It is free of cost.

>>>>>> DOWNLOAD HERE <<<<<<<<


Open the app and type in the IP address that you noted down from the RemoteDroid Server app on your PC.


Click on “connect”.


Once the RemoteDroid app on your Android connects to the server app on PC, the screen of the Android device will turn into a touch-pad, as show above. The upper large rectangle is the mousing surface, while the 2 smaller rectangles at the bottom signify left mouse button and right mouse button respectively.

The green keyboard icon activates the wireless keyboard.

You even have the option of changing the mouse sensitivity and other preferences before you connect to the WiFi network.


Go ahead and make the most of your Android device!

Enjoy your new wireless mouse and keyboard.


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